How to choose the perfect floor tiles and Splashback tiles

When renovating your kitchen, deciding on the right tiles for your floor and splashback really can make a world of difference to the look, feel and ambiance of your kitchen. As the kitchen is often the social hub in today’s modern home, it is important to consider your kitchen floor tiles choice and kitchen splashback tiles choice very carefully. The decision you make will impact upon the flow of light in your kitchen, which will also alter the appearance of space; regardless of how big or small your kitchen actually is. A kitchen is an overwhelming place to start, as there are so many elements involved, from cupboard choice, to benchtops, fixtures, splashbacks, windows and floor tiles. Where does one begin?


Floor Tiles

A great place to start is with floor tiles. Floor tiles make up a large part of your kitchen and often set the theme for your kitchen. There are numerous tile choices out there from mosaic to subway, over to more traditional styles such as travertine or slate. When renovating your kitchen, many things will need to come into consideration such as kitchen size, shape, lighting, and of course, budget. At Casa Bela, we cater for all budgets, styles, spaces, and tastes. So, no matter the look that you are trying to achieve, we can help you to accomplish it.

We offer a range of floor tiles including a variety of timber, marble, and concrete look tiles. All of our tiles are low maintenance and look striking on the floor. For those wanting to maximise the appearance of space, your kitchen needs to flow in order to give the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is. Lighter colours, such as neutral tones are the best way to go for a small space. The less contrast the better, so try to keep your colour palette within a similar range. Not only will this give you the illusion of a bigger space but will deliver a clean, fresh, and sophisticated look. As we mentioned already, light comes into play. Keeping your kitchen bright and light will easily make the room appear bigger. Elements that reflect light will also create the same look, for example marble benchtops, stainless steel appliances and handles.

In order to create a great spacious, and sophisticated kitchen, look no further than Casa Bela’s excellent range of floor tiles.

Here are some of Casa Bela’s top tile picks and kitchen floor tiles ideas that will be sure to create a nice neutral space and maximise natural light:


  1. The Beige Timber Matt Tile


This classic timber look tile will lend your kitchen the natural timber look and feel without the price tag or the maintenance. Just $33.90 per square metre at Casa Bela, get the perfect neutral timber look today.


  1. The Beige Travertine Lapatto Tile


This tile will lend you a traditional, neutral look and feel. This porcelain tile blends with many styles and designs and will fit well in any home.


  1. The Bronze Marble Matt Tile


This beautiful porcelain tile provides a traditional marble look, with an attractive gentle colour that will mesh well with any home décor.


  1. The Olive Stone Look Tile


This tile looks just like stone, and offers a neutral colour that will blend well with any colour palette.



Another key element to a breath taking kitchen, aside from floor tiles is the splashback. This can be a feature of the kitchen, but will of course depend on your choice of benchtop. Again, you do not want to create clashes and should aim to allow the light to flow around your kitchen. The best way to do this is to keep the palette neutral.


Some options are:

  1. To keep the splashback the same material as the benchtop, although this may be prohibitive if using marble (you can do half splashbacks in low use areas and full length splashbacks behind stovetops to solve this);
  2. Use mirrors;
  3. Use windows; or
  4. Install wall tiles.


Casa Bela stock a great range of kitchen splashback tiles that will allow you to create your dream kitchen. Here are a few of our favourite options:


  1. The Crayons Series


This beautiful tile is available in 5 great colours – white, caramel, charcoal, smoke and storm. This tile will provide a trendy subway look for your splashback.


  1. The Moro Matt Tile


This neutral, lava grey feature tile, is great for making a feature of your splash back. The natural choice for those wanting a light grey splashback that will blend with any fittings.


  1. Brickart Series


Offering a subway, brick look, this glazed porcelain tile comes in 8 trendy colours (clay, graystone, white, lagoon, savannah, seagrass, vanilla and half white). This tile will lend an on trend look to your kitchen splash back without the price tag.


  1. The White Gloss Subway Tile


For those after an on stylish look, maybe you should consider the white gloss subway tile, the high gloss is great for reflecting extra light.

To sum up, make sure that you chose a splashback that won’t compete for attention with your benchtop or floor tiles. However, if you do want a feature splashback we do have plenty of options available. We often think it wise to leave your splashback choice until the very end, so that you can take a look at the full picture of your kitchen before committing to anything and then realising that it doesn’t look right.


For all your kitchen floor tiles and kitchen splashback tiles needs, come and see the team at Casa Bela, we would love to help you bring your dream kitchen into reality.


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