Hire A Tiler: The Key To Perfection

The decision to hire a tiler or installing it yourself is always on homeowners minds in order to save some extra money. Laying tiles may look easy, but all sorts of problems can occur if you try to do it yourself. Quite often, it is only after the project has started that people discover that the work involved is beyond their capabilities. We thought it would be a good idea to list the benefits of hiring a professional tiler which will outweigh the amount of money you would save installing it on your own.


Tiling Cost

While the DIY method for most home projects is often cheaper, for tiling it is a different story. There are many tiling costs that are involved that you might not have thought of. Tilers have finishing and grouting trowels and diamond bit saws which need to be laid around the house for tiling work. Renting all this equipment might be a costly option if you have the skills to handle them. Professional tilers include all the labour, supplies, tools and equipment needed to complete a quality job. Good tilers also work efficiently cutting down labour costs, which also reduces the overall cost. Tiling cost is also quoted per sqm so in order to avoid being over quoted, measure the space to be tiled carefully so you’ll know the exact square footage (multiply the length times the width/height) and the linear footage. Also save tiling cost by doing as much preparation as possible. Professional tilers also have relationships with different suppliers, so they can usually negotiate a better rate on tiles than you can hope to get as a retail customer. This is called trade pricing.  You may want to take advantage of this to save money on the overall cost of the tiling job.


Tiling Time

One of the biggest benefits when you hire a tiler is the fact that it saves you time. A professional tiler will be able make an assessment of the situation and quote how long the job will take which in turn helps homeowners manage their own time. Tiling involves a lot of prep time ensuring that the floor is clean, flat and smooth. If there is sagging or any kind of movement, the likelihood of cracked and broken tiles down the road is great. The bulk of the time is in the installation and if any tiles are installed incorrectly the time it would take to amend could be devastating. Clean up is the last time waster to take into account. You can assure that the professionals will not create huge messes when dealing with tiles in your house.


Tiling Experience

Laying tile is easy, but laying tile and doing it well is difficult. Even the smallest mistakes can have a big impact on how your tiles look. For example, if one of them is slightly cracked and you don’t have any more to replace it with, or has some grout on the surface, it can spoil the overall look of your new bathroom and kitchen. Professionals take accurate measurements and are versatile enough to make adjustments and are responsible for any mistakes unanticipated after the job has commenced. Play it safe and hire a tiler that will ensure that the job will be completed with the proper finishing it requires. It takes expertise to cut tiles properly, consequently they break less valuable tiles overall saving you tiling cost and time to replace. Professional tilers come loaded with all the equipment and the manpower as well so that the required job can be performed the way it should be. A quality tile installation is more likely wear better over time which gives you more longevity from your floor’s tile work and more value for your purchase.


Although money is tight for homeowners, the benefits described should convince you that it makes more sense to hire a tiler than to do it yourself. Most tiling jobs go beyond the average homeowners’ skill set. Hiring a professional with considerable experience can even save you time and possibly even money. If you are spending money on tiles then don’t hesitate to hire the services that are best for your tiles installation because only professional and experienced services will give you desired and perfect results.


Before you hire a pro, do be sure to get multiple estimates and references, and discuss your expectations with them. Once you have a number of tiling quotes from different tilers all quoting on the same specifications then you should have a clear understanding of the price. However, the lowest price isn’t always the best. You should also take into consideration their experience and quality. With over ten years of experience in the Industry, Casa Bela has a broad network of professional tilers that we can recommend. The team at Casa Bela Tiles are passionate about tiles and can assist you to plan for your next tiling job as well as help you to choose the perfect style, colour and grout to go with your desired look. Contact Casa Bela online today.

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